ESA Electronics Pte Ltd

ESA is incorporated in Singapore and acts as agents and distributors of semiconductor back end equipment, such as burn-in systems, vision inspection systems and test systems.  On a product line basis, ESA anticipates growing demand from the automobile and solar cell industries, where ESA employs a technology similar to that for semiconductors.

Excellent Empire Ltd

IPCO International Ltd owns 100% of the equity of Excellent Empire Ltd, which is a holding company incorporated in British Virgin Islands.  Excellent Empire's wholly-owned subsidiary, China Environmental Energy Protection Ltd, is incorporated in Samoa. Via its China-registered subsidiaries, China Environmental holds 30-year licences to supply natural gas to households, commercial buildings, industrial customers, and vehicles in the cities of Anlu, Dawu, Xiaochang and Guangshui in Hubei Province, PRC.

Asia Plan Ltd

Asia Plan is engaged in real-estate development near Seattle in the state of Washington, USA via its wholly-owned subsidiary Capri Investments L.L.C.

Industrial Engineering Systems Pte Ltd 

Industrial Engineering Systems Pte Ltd (IESPL) was incorporated in 2003 as a Control Systems Integrator. IESPL specialises in the supply, design and engineering, manufacture, assembly, testing and commissioning of custom-made solutions for offshore industries. IESPL became an IPCO associate company in October 2006. Since then, IESPL has expanded its capabilities to meet requirements from the following industries:

IESPL also specialises in Electrical & Instrumentation project management work.